Well-fitting, Comfortable Dentures

Well-fitting, Comfortable Dentures

In a no-charge consultation, Dr. Gray will explain all of your treatment options.

For the quality of life you deserve

We provide high quality full and partial dentures that will be an excellent fit, will be completely comfortable, and that are stable and will not move around when you eat. We can also solve denture problems you may be experiencing with an existing set of dentures. Patients frequently come to us to correct earlier work when they are having difficulty.

All dentures in our office are supervised from beginning to end by prosthodontist Holt Gray, a specialist in dental restoration and a respected UAB professor in the field of dental prosthesis.

A prosthodontist is a specialist who designs, constructs and fits complete and partial dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth and restore oral structure. Because of his extensive experience and excellent results, Dr. Gray receives many referrals from other dentists and oral surgeons of patients who need oral reconstructive work.

Dr. Gray’s training and experience have enabled him to stay up to date with the most recent innovations in dental implantation technology, and he is happy to share his experience and training with all of his patients.

Dr. Gray is also able to provide All-On-Four Implant-Supported Dentures, a revolutionary new process that can provide you with a completely new set of teeth in a single visit.

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Come in for a Complimentary Dentures Consultation with Dr. Gray plus save $200 when having four or more teeth extracted

Well-fitting, Comfortable DenturesDr. Holt Gray is an expert in dentures, and, before making your dentures he will do a full oral examination and discuss with you the different options for dentures that will meet your expectations and more. He provides a no-charge exam and consultation, so you can discuss all of your concerns with him and work out exactly the right treatment before you begin.

We also offer a $200 discount on tooth extractions when having four or more teeth extracted.

Make an appointment with Dr. Gray today, and get dentures for the quality of life that you deserve.

Custom, quality dentures that are the right shape, color and size for you

Our full and partial dentures are custom-made using quality materials that look natural and are durable. We ensure that they are the right shape, color and size for a natural look and that the bite is correct.

There are various types of dentures available, including dentures which are made more stable by the use of implants, and Dr. Gray will recommend the type that will work best for your mouth, your expectations and budget.

Where appropriate and needed, Dr. Gray uses dental implants to stabilize your dentures. This has the added benefit of deterring bone loss. Loss of bone in your mouth can cause eventual difficulties with wearing dentures, jaw problems and can even change the appearance of your face, giving a sunken look.

All-On-Four Implant-Supported Dentures

How we can give you the highest quality dentures in the shortest amount of time – without bone grafts!

Well-fitting, Comfortable DenturesThe All on 4 Procedure was developed to help patients without teeth rapidly regain a fully-functional mouth and jaw.  It is a procedure that uses the fewest implants possible, avoids bone graft surgery, and provides high-quality restorative results in the shortest time possible.

The All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure uses four implants, with the back implants placed at an angle to take maximum advantage of existing bone.

Well-fitting, Comfortable DenturesDr. Gray may plan your surgery exactly using implant planning software, and be certain that your implants are placed precisely so that they will fully support your dentures. This can be done quickly and easily, so that you can leave the same day with fixed, non-removable replacement teeth.

Traditional approaches to restoring a full arch of teeth usually involved bone grafts, six or more implants, and as many as 18 months of treatment. That meant that a patient often would be without any teeth, or with ill-fitting temporary dentures for more than a year.

Procedure for Implant Supported Dentures

Step 1 : Evaluation

In your evaluation, Dr. Gray will make sure that he collects all of the information that he needs to help you decide on the correct treatment plan.

In your evaluation, Dr. Gray will make sure that he collects all of the information that he needs to help you decide on the correct treatment plan.

Dr. Gray will meet with you and evaluate your jaw and bone structure to determine if you are a candidate for Implant Supported Dentures. In addition to a complete physical examination of your mouth, he will take panoramic digital X-ray and photographs using our intraoral camera. He may also order a CT scan, in order to fully evaluate your bone depth and health.

He will take models of your gums as well as photographs of your current dentures and smile, so that he can plan your new dentures.

Step 2: Planning your surgery and dentures.

Dr. Gray can use a computer system to carefully plan your surgery.

Dr. Gray can use special implant planning software to carefully plan your surgery.

Next, Dr. Gray can use the implant planning software to fully plan your implant surgery, if necessary.

He will make sure that your new dentures are perfectly crafted to specifications, so that they will fit well and give you a beautiful, natural smile.

Step 3: Implant surgery

Well-fitting, Comfortable Dentures

Your implant surgery is comfortably performed with IV sedation, right here in our office.

With the help of our board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Chhabra, Dr. Gray will do the surgery necessary to place the titanium posts for the implants in your jaw. When your surgery is complete, he will attach your dentures to the implant posts.

Our All in 4 patients come to the office in the morning with unhealthy (or no) teeth, and leave in the afternoon with a beautiful set of fixed, functional teeth!

Step 4: Permanent new teeth

Well-fitting, Comfortable Dentures

Your implant-supported dentures will be adjusted to a perfect fit, and last for decades.

“The dental implants made bottom denture stability a reality – I can eat anything I want to in comfort.” – Brenda Johnson

In a few months, when the gums have fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone, Dr. Gray will take new impressions of your mouth and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit—this is all included in the initial fee. This helps ensure that your new teeth will last for decades, and provide maximum support, beauty, and function.

Before and After

Case 1: Implant supported dentures

This patient had several dentures before arriving at our office. After a little investigating, it became evident that he did not want to use denture paste or pads anymore and had abundant bone. In order to address the concerns, we placed four implants in the top and bottom jaw and then used these for extra retention on his dentures.

Smile Gallery - Before and after dental restoration.

Case 2: No Palate Denture – Bar with Overdenture

Patients sometimes complain of taste alteration and thickness of an upper denture. In this case, we extracted several hopeless teeth in the front and performed a bone graft. Then four implants were placed and connected with a bar. This bar then allowed us to make a “horseshoe overdenture” with no palate. The bar keeps the teeth stable while the metal is thin and does not cover the roof of the mouth.

Well-fitting, Comfortable Dentures

See more before and after photos in our smile gallery!

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