"When I think of Dental Care for myself, I think of Dr. Holt Gray.

"I have crowns from the Gray Father-Son Team in my mouth. Dr. Holt Gray was our Dental Student, our Prosthodontic Resident, and our Colleague on the Dental School Faculty at UAB. In each situation Holt displayed his usual calm dedicated hardworking mannerism that enables him to be outstanding amongst his peers.

"One cannot mention Holt without thinking of his father, Jordan Gray, who is the owner of Gray Dental Laboratory. During my 20 years with the UAB Graduate Prosthodontic Programs, all Crown, Bridge and Implant Laboratory Procedures were provided by Gray Dental Laboratory. His support for our Full Mouth Rehabilitation patients is especially noteworthy, providing technically outstanding appliances with magnificent esthetic results."

– Leonard Mueninghoff,
Professor, Retired; Adjunct Professor